Aloha Healing 10/1/2015

moonLâ’au Pau
Māhoe Hope 1

Today was a day of patience. Not much happening. Lost some financial support.


Raw foods and oatmeal. I did eat organic hummus with cucumber slices. Not sure if hummus is on the anti-cancer diet, but my body called for it.


Did about 20 minutes of qiqong walking. Also, spent a lot of time in the sunshine. Got tired in the afternoon and had to take a nap. Overall, though, energy levels are pretty high. I don’t get tired walking up stairs anymore.


One of my key relationships told me that they couldn’t support me and my treatments today. I’m learning to accept what is. We think that people will support us, but they don’t. We think that our mothers will protect us, but they don’t. Trying not to live in what I think should happen, and instead, live in what is happening.



Ahonui (patience) is calling. The whole day was asking me to be patient. I’d give myself a B+.

Kūkae (BM)

Some more blood today, although I still saw more sediment without much blood. Forgot to take a note card to keep track of BMs.


4 comments on “Aloha Healing 10/1/2015

  1. (((((((hugs))))))) Patience is good. Presence is better. Deep in presence all is well. It’s only the thoughts we believe that disturb the silence. It’s all okay Kozo. We are all on the same journey.
    With love, Alison

  2. tw says:

    As Alison says, patience is good, presence and acceptance are better. In accepting we realise there is no way things should or shouldn’t be – they just are. In knowing this we free ourselves from the anguish, surprise or disappointment that can spring up when people decide to walk another path, one that differs from our own. What ever the path may hold the step that matters most is the one you are taking right now. Sending hugs xoxox

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