The Only Reason to Live is to Live!

The viral infection I had persisted for almost 3 weeks, so Cynthia Li made an appointment with her intuitive medicine mentor, Martine Bloquiaux. Martine is one of those gifted healers who could scan bodies since she was a child. She has no medical degrees, but her reputation proceeds her and she has clients all over the world. 

An hour and a half consultation with Martine cost $600. Cynthia and her husband, David, gifted me the consultation out of the kindness of their hearts. I have never met Cynthia or David in person, but Cynthia has been treating me since March free of cost. I am deeply honored by their generosity and deep care for my wellbeing. I think about something someone told me when I was first diagnosed, they said, “People will come and help you, and it is usually not the people who you’d expect.” 

The consultation with Martine still resonates with me four days later. She scanned not only my body, but also my spirit, my emotions, and my life. She described things about me that I have never discussed with others. Like a skilled coach, Martine pointed out some very positive unique parts of my existence and also challenged me to look at areas that need improvement. 

After reviewing some infections that I am challenged by, she said,“But your light, as a light being, is…I only have two clients who are as high as you. So whatever needs to happen with you, whether you live or die or whatever, you have a great life and you had a great life already. So congratulations.”

“The other thing is that you have only come into that very recently, which also means that the body naturally cleans out to update the cells. So it could also very well be that you are right at the perfect place to get better. But anybody that comes to me with that kind of level, they have to deal with the rejuvenation of the whole body also. So that is not any different with you. Very, very nice, very beautiful.”

I think I have sensed into this need for the body to update before. I used to carry around a quotation from Matt Kahn that said something like when we have dis-ease it is the body trying to catch up with our consciousness. 

This last infection whittled me down to the bone, not just physically, but psychologically and spiritually. When I do my meditations or qigong nowadays, I can really feel the energy moving because I have no fat on my body or blockages. I still have blockages in my abdominal cavity which is what needs to be updated or rejuvenated. Martine put me on a liver and spleen cleanse which seems to be working. 

I wish I could post the entire hour and a half consultation, but I hope a few highlights will suffice. Martine said that it was good that I didn’t do chemo or radiation because I wouldn’t have made it. She gets a distinct no for both, which coordinates with what I was feeling into. But she also said, “I’m really happy that they operated on you. I really don’t think you would have made it.” 

Since I’m not doing chemo or radiation I need to clean up more. “The number one thing is when you reset you need to learn to feed it again. You can’t keep losing weight. We have to learn to absorb again. So literally and emotionally—literally you have to eat, but emotionally you have to find your reason for living. And I’m so sorry, but if you have no purpose in this life then you don’t need this vessel. Then I prefer you become a big fat angel who comes to help me…I know you want to live, but if you want to live you have got to have a purpose. And I’m not talking an emotional or physical purpose, I’m talking a spiritual purpose—you are still here to learn something, you are still here to contribute to something. It doesn’t matter. It is about you, not about others. It’s about you. You need a diary, you need to sit on the beach. You need to do whatever you need to do, but you need to get your act together on that one more than anything else.” 

Later in the call, Martine asked me, “The only reason to live is what?” I was stumped. 

“The only reason to live is to LIVE,” Martine stated. We are here to live, to experience this life. Nothing more. “So when you eat, you do it because you are fully in the living. You are fully enjoying that apple. Can you imagine where that apple came from? What kind of magnificent tree it must have been? And the laborers that cut it and somebody that put it in the box, whatever. Or just feeling the magnificence of the animal that gave its life for you. Living! Being there while you are eating. Drinking this tea and saying, “Mmmm. I love licorice.” Sitting here and talking with you and saying look how beautiful life is. It is going and walking on the beach or whatever or skating and suddenly realizing that you got to stop immediately because the sun is going down and the colors are magnificent. That is why we are here.” 

As you can see, Martine doesn’t just work in the physical realm. The real challenges she offered me were not the dairy-free, sugar-free diet or the supplements. She challenged me to look into my na’au (Hawaiian for guts) and find the source of my reason for living. She demanded that I embrace this life fully as it is without hesitation or complaint. Lots of exploration to do in the next few weeks. Stay tuned. 

What reason do you have for living? What experiences bring you most alive? Please share.


5 comments on “The Only Reason to Live is to Live!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful share—so grateful to hear it. The experiences that bring me most alive are being in nature and feeling awe at the interconnectedness at everything–whether in a humble garden or a vast forest, or even just looking up at the sky. When I am with my students–listening to them makes me come alive as does sharing my passion for science with them. When I’m with friends or family, just sitting quietly and observing each beautiful being brings me joy and awe. When I’m making music, either alone or with others also brings me to a very “alive” state of being. So does mindful walking. So does serving others in simple ways.

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Beautiful, Brinda. I am so thrilled that you have so much to bring you alive. I think I get joy from many of the same activities, but I need to find what really makes me come alive in the deepest sense. Martine said that I have to find a reason to live spiritually. Still listening to spirit for an answer, but I think I have been getting clues.


  2. Beautiful post Kozo. What a journey you are on. I must say I’m with Martine all the way. The only reason to live is to LIVE.
    I found the Matt Kahn quote very helpful, also Martine’s words about the body needing to update cells.
    Alison xo ❤

  3. Kozo Hattori says:

    Thanks, Alison. Basically, it seems to be coming down to spirit/energy leads and form/the body follows. Tough lesson for me to learn. Whenever I’m feeling dis-ease, I always look to the body for causes and cures. Trying to lead with energy/spirit these days.


  4. ashualec says:

    Hi Kozo,

    I logged in here after ages. I wish you a God speed recovery. Take care.

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