Aloha Healing 10/09/2015

waning moon Lono
Māhoe Hope 9

I went on a walk with my dear friend Oliver Bock at Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. In the parking lot, we decided to do our normal hike barefooted in order to get in touch with the ‘âina (land).

Oliver shared that he enjoyed an entire summer when he was a kid without wearing shoes (he also slept outdoors every night of that summer). What a “vacation” that must have been, although he said that he wasn’t allowed to go to a lot of places like movie theaters.

On the walk, I started getting jabbed by tons of tiny sharp rocks. Oliver said, “try to relax your feet as much as possible. Let them be soft in knowing that the rocks probably won’t pierce all the way through the skin.” This helped immensely.

feetWhat a wonderful metaphor for dealing with others. What if we just relaxed when people verbally attack us, knowing that they won’t pierce our sole/soul? I immediately put this into practice when we passed an older couple. The woman’s jaw dropped when she noticed that we weren’t wearing shoes. When I smiled and said hello, she wrinkled up her face without returning the salutation.

Normally, this type of judgement would chap my skin, but I just relaxed and let it poke for an instant, knowing that it couldn’t touch the love and interconnection at the seat of our soul. I could almost feel love for this woman. She was suffering in judgement–her face was contorted and she refused the friendliness of two open-hearted strangers.

Oliver and I plan to keep hiking barefoot. I plan to keep relaxing into rocky relationships with love.

cloudsAt the end of the walk, Oliver washed my feet under a faucet. It was an endearing and memorable gesture. So grateful for the beautiful souls that have chosen to walk this path with me.


I’m going pretty raw, except for oatmeal. I’m also trying to sense into the natural urges in my body. For example, I had the urge/thought for figs. The only figs I could find at the farmer’s market were dried mission figs. Dried fruit is a no no on the cancer diet since it has so much concentrated sugar.

I decided to honor my craving and later found out that figs contain a cancer-fighting compound called psoralen. I eat these figs with fresh raw organic walnuts that also have been shown to decrease colon tumor growth. So maybe my body was trying to tell me something with this craving.


Had a full day with morning prayers, exercises and hiking barefoot. I feel so much better when I do my full regimen of morning prayers and movements outdoors. I also did qigong walking.


I’m finding it challenging when I have to deal with people who still see me as I was in the past. They don’t seem to see the me of the present. I know I have to let go of this feeling of injustice. So many of my friends see and love who I am now. It just stings when family members can’t or refuse to be present with me.


Clearing very subtle emotions and injuries. Learning to stay relaxed when being poked, knowing that my soul will always be intact.

Kūkae (BM)

The bleeding has come back, although it is a different form. Seems like my bloody BMs are more heavy, coagulated sediment rather than liquid blood.

I’m also aware that the moon is almost a new moon, so bleeding might reflect that.


5 comments on “Aloha Healing 10/09/2015

  1. I think I’ve missed some of your posts. We’ve been in Jordan with erratic internet. I love what Oliver said – what a wonderful metaphor. We’ve just for the first time done a group tour and it was challenging being with others, all strangers, all the time. We’re about to start another group tour through Egypt so I’ll remember Oliver’s metaphor. Nothing pierces the soul. Sweet.
    Love and healing to you dear Kozo.

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Glad to have you back, Alison. I have to apologize for not visiting your blog. I have been pretty busy with treatment, research, work, and family. I’m trying to also honor my body’s need for rest. I will drop by soon, however. Would love to see pictures of Egypt.

      Love the summary: “Nothing pierces the soul.”

      Love and Light right back at you,

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Thank you for relaying the metaphor and applying it to the woman’s reaction. The combination of fig and walnut is delicious. I didn’t know it was so healthy, too.

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Yes, IJI, figs and walnuts are such a healthy, delicious snack. Whoodathunk?

      I’ve been trying to apply the metaphor to all my relationships. It has been so much less “painful” to walk through life. 🙂

      {{{Hugs}}} kozo

  3. kasturika says:

    “relaxing into rocky relationships with love.” What a beautiful thought!

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