Aloha Healing 10/7/2015

moon Kâloa Pau
Māhoe Hope 7

I missed a few posts. I’ve decided that I will try to post everyday, but if I’m too tired, then I need to honor my body. Mâlama ko’u kino (Take care of my body)

Last few days have been really healing. I feel more energy and flow. I also continue to ground myself with the ‘âina (land).


Added Beta 1.3D Glucan to my protocol. My dear cousin-by-marriage-friend-by-divorce, Mitch McCoy sent me a link to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center database of herbs and botanicals. Many of the treatments I am using are listed–mangosteen, milk thistle, turmeric, ashwagandha, green tea, and moringa.

On this website by one of the biggest cancer treatment hospitals in America, most of these alternative treatments say something like “lab and animal studies show that Moringa extracts have anticancer effects. Human data are lacking.” Many of the initial studies were done nearly 10 years ago, which leads me to the question, “why isn’t anyone testing these herbs and natural treatments on humans?”

My dear wife has been combing through clinical trials to try to find anything that is not drug related. There are a number of free clinical trials for rectal cancer, but they all involve chemo, radiation, or drugs.

So researchers are willing to try dangerous drugs on desperate or poor patients, yet they are not willing to do any clinical trials on natural herbs that have been proven to have no deleterious effects on the patient.

I’m not a conspiracy nut, but the obvious link between big Pharma, the FDA, and Allopathic medicine almost ensures that natural treatment gets ignored and drug therapy, that we have been using for decades with no decrease in cancer, gets all the attention and money.

As Robert Wright says, “Cancer is about power and money.” Cancer is big business. No one is going to fund a clinical trial that shows how carrot juice can cure cancer because Big Pharma can’t make money off carrots that can be bought at the grocery store for less than a dollar.

All this research gives me more confidence that these alternative, natural treatments work even though there are no clinical trials on humans.


Been walking the boys and dog to school everyday. It feels good to share time and fresh air with the boys.


I got a bit upset when I heard about members of my family calling me crazy for not doing chemo, radiation, and surgery. It is amazing how laypeople who know nothing about cancer are convinced that the best (and only) treatment for cancer is what conventional medicine “advertises” in the media.

One of my friends asked my cousin what I was doing to treat the cancer and she said, “Some crazy alternative stuff.” I haven’t talked to this cousin since I got my diagnosis. She doesn’t know what I am doing. I find it shocking how people judge my actions without even talking to me.

I know I have to let this go. People are going to judge, misunderstand, and gossip. What I”m going to make an intention to focus on is how my friend supported my decisions after talking to me for an hour. I also appreciate everyone who follows this blog, sends positive energy, gives constructive criticism, and unconditional love.


Learning to clear any conflict in my body, mind, and life.

Kūkae (BM)

Entering a new phase where I have large BMs in the morning with little or no blood. Very few BMs during the day. Then small blood and sediment BMs in the evening.

Overall, the bleeding has been noticeably less over the past few days.


6 comments on “Aloha Healing 10/7/2015

  1. ashualec says:

    Kozo certainly all diseases are big business and all businesses have a flip side to them. Why do I see so much of Cancer in India these days? We have better eating habits than westerners, move more and stronger family and social support system. Its all becoz of things which are going in our food, pesticides, chemicals and pollution.

    Regarding the cousin’s view, well you dont have to be hurt. He says what he thinks is the best. You are atleast doing much more, I have seen people just using the Saints blessings for their healing.

    Eventually it is an individual’s call, right?

    Be blessed

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Yes, ashualec, lots of poisons in the ecosphere. I just bought new toothpaste and soap that are not full of chemicals.

      I agree that it is the individual’s call, but many individuals don’t make their own call–they just follow blindly what they have heard.

      {{{Hugs]}}} Kozo

  2. vernette says:

    Positive vibes, positive energy Kozo. Think of your cousin with love, because people will fear/dismiss what they do not understand. Let it go. Light and Love and plenty Trini sunshine to you.

  3. Kozo, you cannot (well you can, but you really shouldn’t) let these exterior forces disrupt your progress. We have to let people go through their own process of understanding…and they will only get there if their will is strong enough. Some people will never understand, because they have no interest to seek perception outside their own field of sight. Let them be them, and you be you. I experience these same frustrations often and I have to remind myself that what they think really has nothing to do with me. It is a force totally outside my own even if it feels like it affects me directly, it only does because I allow it to do so. Remember Tolle’s saying ? ” The primary cause of unhappiness is not the situation but our thoughts about them”. 🙂
    What is important for you right now (and always) is to surround yourself with people who you want to be surrounded by, period.
    I am so happy to see your following you heart, and allowing us to grow with you.
    Peace to you.

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Agreed, PWP. I have surrounded myself with a cancer support group that includes wonderful, wise, and loving folks like yourself. It is kind of tough to get away from family. I am grateful for one cousin who originally set out to convince me to do chemo is now just sitting patiently with my decision. {{{hugs}}} kozo

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