Monthly Peace Challenge: Giveaway!

forpeace25jpgWith close to 130 Bloggers for Peace, the number of peace posts continues to expand. I, for one, can honestly say that this experience is changing my life. Reading multiple posts about peace every week from a variety of perspectives inspires me, guides me, and re-minds me to practice peace at all times. I am grateful to all of you for every contribution you make.

To help inspire the Bloggers for Peace (B4Peace), we will have a Monthly Peace Challenge. To participate, tag your post with B4Peace or leave a link to it in the comments below. Also, make sure you copy your URL to the Linkz collection. Anyone who completes all twelve Monthly Peace Challenges will receive a Free B4Peace T-shirt.

Peace bookBesides the inner peace you receive from blogging about peace, this month you have the chance to win a tangible prize. Eric from Peace Garret has donated 15 copies of his book A Map and a Mule: A Peace Story of Queen Isabel of Portugal. From a review on Amazon, “Here’s a great short story for children or anyone else who thinks achieving peace is a goal worth striving for.”

Although Eric asks for nothing in return, I would ask that you return the favor and write a review of the book either on your blog or on Amazon if you are one of the lucky winners.

“I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside”

Since Eric’s book is a children’s book, this month’s peace challenge will focus on children.

  • Publish a post on how to teach children peace. How do we raise children to be peaceful? What do children need to know about peace? How do we teach them what peace means?
  • Post a children’s story or poem that teaches peace.
  • Relate a story or experience with children that brings/brought you peace.
  • Post a peaceful photo or piece of art for/about/featuring children. I like to imagine what photo or piece of art we could put in every child’s room that will create peace.
  • Post anything about the intersection of children and peace.

In order to qualify for the giveaway, you need to add your post to the Linkz collection. Here is how:

  • Copy your URL to the Linkz collection. You’ll find the link below. It’s the drunk blue frog smiling for peace. Click on it and follow directions.
  • Go visit this site to read and comment on other posts related to this Monthly Peace Challenge.

Eric has not revealed how he will chose the winners. You can enter as many times as you want, but only one prize per blogger. Good luck, and have fun.


82 comments on “Monthly Peace Challenge: Giveaway!

  1. These peace challenges are opening my soul and I thank you for that, my friend. Here is my link:

  2. Nicci says:

    please can I be sent a free PEACE T shirt to 25 Wren st, Ascot 4007

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