Gina from Professions for Peace “rubs shoulders” with peace and urges us to do the same. Please read this concrete action plan to bring peace to yourself, your community, and our world.

Professions for PEACE

turn on the light switchDr. Wayne Dyer has shared an analogy in his PBS programs that we do not go into a pitch-black room and fight the darkness by swinging at it with a baseball bat! We simply turn on the light switch. We cannot battle darkness by hitting at it; rather we must bring Light.

pull them into your peaceMy loving intention daily is to focus my thoughts, actions, and words towards fostering love. While I am aware that atrocities have happened and are occurring, my energy must remain on distributing the love in my heart, and I do not participate in inciting outrage and anger. Rather, I do all I can to raise the vibrational energy around me up from anger, grief or depression, to the higher levels of energy such as forgiveness, compassion, and understanding.

The people I visit, the music I listen to, the words I read, and the imagery I allow from television…

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  2. KM Huber says:

    Just what I needed to read this morning! Thank you, Kozo, for introducing me to yet another thoughtful blogger. More and more, I turn to the light that is your blog.


    • Kozo says:

      That is such a wonderful compliment, Karen. I feel the same way about Thursday’s Tidbits–it is the light that guides me to the weekend. 🙂
      Actually, I consider myself more of a mirror who reflects/re-blogs all the amazing ideas and creativity that shines on me from Bloggers for Peace. Whatever the case, let’s keep shining. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  3. This is awesome Kozo and so very true. As much as I would love to swing at darkness, it will do no good. Thanks for being a light.

  4. Kozo my friend! Thank you so very much for sharing this along. I’m honored to be included here on your amazingly inspiring blog. Love, Light, and of course Happy {Hugs} Gina

  5. C. R. says:

    Kozo yuou need to add share buttons to your blog :/

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