Thought Ninja

Fox as NinjaI was having a bad dream in the middle of the night when my 3 year old son woke me up screaming, “No, Daddy.” We were sleeping forehead to forehead as usual. I assumed that I had woken him up by screaming or flinching in my dream, but I quickly realized that he was still sleeping. “No, Daddy, no,” he mumbled.

At 6 am the next morning, I awoke before my son, and laying in bed, I recounted an argument I had the day before with my step-father. I was thinking about talking to my brother and sister-in-law to get them on my side to see what they thought, when my son cried out, “No, Daddy, no.” Again, he was still asleep.

After I snuck out of the bedroom, I checked my blog for comments. Alia from 13th Paradigm had commented on a comment I made on heartflow2013’s inspiring post Israel and Iran: A love story? B4Peace.

“Each person who writes a post, sends their energy of peace into the Quantum Field. The energy travels omni-directionally, eternally, forever. It touches everyone it encounters and impacts all peacefully. Now, multiply this effect by every reader that reads the piece. Then further multiply that by the energy that those readers carry into their world.” Continue reading