Everyday Thanksgiving: September 2013

This is my archive that I will post at the end of the month. Note that some of the things I am grateful for have not happened yet, but I am creating the reality of them happening through gratitude.

So much to be grateful for this month. I love fall in NorCal. Lots of friends, love, and beautiful weather. Hope you are enjoying your fall.

September 2013

Thank you for Commonwealth; carrot mochi; 7 years of support and love from my wife–Happy Anniversary, Honeybee; Uncle John for watching the boys; the Mission District in SF.IMG_0623

Thank you for Wong Kar Wai; the train station scene in The Grandmaster; PDFs; fruit drinks with boba; auxiliary ports in car stereos.

Thank you for our “new” 2007 Prius; learning my insecurities through mistakes; Labor Day; after-school Wu Shu, Lion Dance, and Percussion; 40+ miles/gallon.

Thank you for congruence; Jett’s new soccer league; the kind parent who watched Jett, while Fox finished napping; the patient and gracious employees at the DMV; my wife calling me for help with organization.

Thank you for finishing my ebook; Seth Godin; early morning work time; a weekend full of Spirit Rock; electric vehicles.

Thank you for a wonderful conversation with Rick Hanson; fog creeping over the hills onto SF Bay; whales—my spirit animal; driving a Prius to Spirit Rock; my wife giving the boys a mini-vacation. Continue reading