Honest Kids

Have you ever been called out by your kid when you lied?

“Sorry, we couldn’t make your daughter’s dance recital, but my son had a soccer game.”

“No I didn’t, Daddy. You said that you didn’t want to watch bad dancing and hang around with crazy dance moms.”

“Thanks, son.” Continue reading


I QUIT…trying to go viral

I quit sticky note on keyboardTo be honest, I started blogging 6 months ago because I wanted to go viral. One of the first blogs I read was by Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-hour Work Week. I had no idea what blogging was. But I knew authors needed a social media “platform” that they could “monetize.”

Every time an article came up on my twitter feed about increasing readership, I stopped what I was doing and clicked on it. I learned about catchy headlines, search engine optimization, the Art of Being Interesting, and optimal times to post for new hits. I spent almost as much time reading about getting hits than I did writing or researching the books I wanted to write.

I saw going viral as the golden ticket. All my worries would be over if I could just get one of my articles read by millions of fans. I envisioned book contracts, TEDTalks, and interviews with Oprah. Continue reading

My Life is Perfect Because I Want it to Be Perfect

The ubiquitous Rarasaur recently posted some pictures of herself:

Rarasaur photo

Rarasaur in all her glory

I commented that I loved her short hair, and this was her response.

P.S. Thanks! I love the short hair, too. I was trying to grow mine out again, but I’m just not there yet… not ready to see the Rara that used to look like that, so… instead… my short hair is perfect because I want it to be perfect. ;)

I love the last line. What if we changed “short hair” to “life”?

My Life is Perfect Because I Want it to Be Perfect Continue reading

Everyday Thanksgiving–March 2013

“Thank you, Lord, for what you’ve done for me.
Thank you, Lord, for what you’re doing now.
Thank you, Lord, for ev’ry little thing.
Thank you, Lord, for you made me sing.“~Bob Marley
This is my monthly download of my daily gratitude practice–everyday I try to post five things that I am grateful for. Hope you find gratitude in your life. Continue reading

Conquer Fear to End Suffering

In the middle of the night, my 3 year old son started screaming, “No, No, No.” After waking from a nightmare, he was inconsolable. “I want something,” he babbled for half an hour. Water, blankets, stuffed animals, Mommy–nothing could make him stop crying. In my half-awake state, I realized that he was teaching me about  Buddhism.Yoda buddha Continue reading

Tweet: “I’m meditating with Jon Kabat-Zinn”

Spring came early in the form of a week of incredible growth. In the past 7 days, I had three incredible experiences that I wish to share with you with a serendipitous surprise that could generate huge waves of Peace.

The Deepest AcceptanceDay-long workshop with Jeff Foster

If you don’t know who Jeff Foster is, today is your lucky day. In a small church room surrounded by windows, about 40 disciples sat around an unassuming bearded man giving a sermon. Here are excerpts of the Gospel shared that day.

“Your life is suppose to be imperfect/a mess.”  Continue reading

Everyday Thanksgiving–February 2013

Gratitude is free to all, yet pays exponentially. Forget Apple. Invest in Gratitude.

This is the monthly download of my daily gratitude practice–everyday I try to post five things I am grateful for. Gratitude continues to alter my life in so many ways. I don’t expect anyone to read this list, but I hope you discover the power of gratitude.

February  2013

Thank you for the way my son puts his hand on my heart when we sleep together; my wife being such an amazingly successful doctor; Frankenweenie for movie night with the family; the wonderful massage my wife gave me; my older son’s joy for play. Continue reading