Everyday Thanksgiving–December

“A thankful heart hath a continual feast”–W.J. Cameron

This is the monthly download of my daily gratitude practice–everyday I post five things I am grateful for. Gratitude has changed my life. You don’t need to read my list, but I hope you will start your own.

December 2012

Thank you for being Freshly Pressed and the lessons it has taught me; all the likes, comments, and follows; my amazing wife who taught me to see the doughnut, not the hole; my youngest doing his business on the toilet–Freshly Pressed and no dirty diaper today; validation that comes from within.

Fox TP

Doing something a little different today thanks to A Table in the Sun. Here is my top five wish list of things money can’t buy.

1. A constant reminder of how lucky we are to be alive in this wonderful country where anything is possible.
2. To be able to hug the chubby cheeks of my sons whenever I feel like it.
3. To have peace of mind no matter what is going on around me.
4. To have all the people I love know in their hearts that I love them.
5. To continue to grow in all ways towards unending happiness and joy Continue reading


Cancer as a Guru: 5 Life Lessons from a Remarkable Guest

Breast-Cancer-istockphoto134127959A few days ago, I received the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. Tracy’s post “What makes Christmas exciting” on FEC-THis made me appreciate Christmas, fatherhood, and life in a way I’ve never experienced before. I wanted to share this post with everyone, but rather than creating a link or a re-blog, I realized that it wasn’t so much the post that I wanted to share, but Tracy herself. Continue reading

Everyday Thanksgiving–November

“No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, the magic of gratitude will change your entire life.”–Rhonda Byrne

This is a daily/monthly ritual that I do on my blog. I post the things I am grateful for. Note that some of the things I am grateful for have not happened yet, but I am creating the reality of them happening through gratitude. You do not have to read my list, but I hope you incorporate a gratitude practice in your life or on your blog. This practice has literally changed my life. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful


My youngest bowing before enjoying a meal at VeggieGrill

One of the things I appreciate about Japanese culture is how we were taught to bow–bow before eating; bow before entering church; bow before entering a martial arts dojo; bow before fighting. Every chance I get, I try to teach my sons to bow. The bow is like a pause that not only shows respect, but also gives one the opportunity to be thankful for what one is going to experience. Continue reading

Stop Clicking on my Blog

Hello, my name is Kozo. Hi, Kozo. Welcome, Kozo. Hello, Kozo. And I am an addict. My drug of choice is Site Stats, SS, or as we junkies call it Eses–Spanish for the letter “S” but also slang for companions or friends because for many of us new users, Site Stats are our only friends. I started using Eses a few days after I joined WordPress. After that first click, man, I was a goner. I would refresh my SS twice as many times as the hits I’d gotten. Some days I would just stare at that little message icon waiting for it to turn orange indicating a new hit or perhaps a message from a fellow junkie. Continue reading

The Emergency Guru: 5 Lifelines for hitting rock bottom

nathansnostalgia / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

I have had the good fortune to meet many masters, many gurus, many teachers from many traditions. Do you know which master, which guru has most inspired me? It is life itself. Life is our best teacher.–Godwin Samararathne

This is my bumbling attempt to lift up 1) my fellow blogger Bodhisattvaintraining who got some intense news this week and 2) all our friends and family on the East Coast who probably can’t read this because they have no power. Continue reading

Everyday Thanksgiving in October

“No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, the magic of gratitude will change your entire life.”–Rhonda Byrne

I recently did all the exercises in Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic, including writing down ten things to be thankful for everyday for 28 days and reading the entire list everyday. By the 28th day the list had 280 sentences and took about 25 minutes to read out loud. This exercise changed my perspective, my thoughts, and my life. After I finished the 28th day, I was relieved and saddened that the 25 minute daily ritual was over. I knew I should continue the practice, but it seemed like a lot of work.

Then I stumbled upon iRuniBreathe’s blog. She listed 5 things to be grateful for on the sidebar of her blog everyday, archived the list daily, and posted them at the end of the month. Truth be told iRuniBreathe got the idea from Writing Ruth. Continue reading

The Surfing Guru: “Life is a wave…”

The first time I hit rock bottom was in Y2K. My career in filmmaking was over; I was living in my car; and I had ostracized myself from the professional surfing community that I had called home. When you are down to your last $200, your options for weekend entertainment recede to zero. So when I received complimentary tickets to the premiere of a surf film by Jack McCoy, a legendary surf filmmaker and mentor, I jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading

Gratitude Guru 1: Shout Out to My 5 Followers

This is a shout out to five people I’ve never met, yet whom I love deeply. But first let me explain the title. Gratitude is one of the most important parts of my happiness. I expect to write a number of posts on gratitude, this being the first.

What I have noticed about gratitude is that it is easy to be grateful when we are receiving an Academy Award or when someone offers us a six figure book deal, but we often forget about gratitude when things don’t seem to be going our way. The secret is that these are the times when we need to be most grateful. Continue reading