Blogging Break–Summer Vacation

I’ve taken both my sons out of school/daycare for the whole month of July. After forcing my son to do 21 pages of “optional” homework per week in kindergarten, I decided that my boys need a break. I’m following quantum physicist Amit Goswami’s advice on how to promote a creative mind by alternating doing and being–“do, be, do, be, do.”

Our attitude this summer vacation

Our attitude this summer–Just BE

So we are just going to BE in Nature, BE with family in Hawaii, and BE together.

Due to limited internet access and BEing with my sons 24/7, I will be taking a blogging break. I will still fulfill my responsibilities for Bloggers for Peace–reading and commenting on Peace Posts, creating and posting a Monthly Peace Challenge, and posting for Peace. I will probably be able to post a new article once a week, but I might be absent for days at a time as I teach my sons how to body surf, lay in the grass and wonder where clouds go to when they disappear, or go on bear hunts secretly hoping that a real bear never crosses our path.

I’d like to wish everyone a peaceful summer with lots of BEs and honey.

{{{Hugs}}} Kozo