Let It Go Driver

I got an email from an old surfer friend who watched the video about driving I posted on the homepage of PeaceInRelationships.com. He said that his conversion from an offensive driver to a “let it go” driver saved him unnecessary conflict and anger.

My friend’s comment got me thinking. What if we could be not just “let it go” drivers, but “let it go” humans? What if we could “let go” of all our grudges, resentments, hurts, and offenses?

This reminded me of what Deepak Chopra claims turned his life around. Chopra has said that refusing to be offended brought a peace in his life that he had never felt before. Think about the phrase, “I take offense to that.” Read in one way, this means that you are going on the offense. You are becoming an attacker. Where is the peace in this?

Of course, whenever I think I discovered a new secret in life, I realize that thousands of others knew this years ago.

“Whatever will be, will be”~Rumi

How do you remind yourself to “let go”? Please share.


Five Steps to Peaceful Resolution

“If in thirst you drink water from a cup, you see God in it. Those not in love with God only see their face in it.”–Rumi

In the past week, I’ve gotten into three arguments with three different people about faith, spirituality, and the law of attraction. All three of these people were close family members that I care about. In the arguments, my views were labeled as “insane,” “delusional,” and “desperate.” In my eyes, I lost all these arguments because I could not make the other person see what is so essential to my existence.

Since I’m practicing peace, I came up with five tips for conflict resolution: Continue reading