Aloha Healing 09/19/2015

moon waxing

‘Ole Kū Lua
Māhoe Hope 19

Had a powerful talk with my wife this morning. We talked about how I can’t always focus my attention on myself. Funny thing about cancer is that it can be a real ego trip. You start thinking about yourself all the time because your life is at stake.

I had to empathize with what my wife is going through. She explained how she has to prepare for a future without me because the alternative treatments that I have chosen aren’t backed by research.

Later in the morning, I listened to an Awakin Call with German Herrera who shared this powerful quotation: “Living in relationship makes you not be the center of the universe…suddenly more than you is the center of your small universe.”


Then I took the boys to see a Nimo concert where he offered the this nugget of wisdom: “Plant seeds to trees whose shade you will never sit under.”

The messages are clear: focus on others, nurture relationships, be humble.

My wife also gave me some helpful advice. If I am feeling tired like I was yesterday, just cancel all plans and rest. Tell other parents that I am just too tired–they will understand. It is the same thing I teach in Aloha Awakenings–mālama kou kino (take care of your body). I always tend to squeeze everything I can into my days. The new perspective is to take care of my body first, then I will have more days to spend with my sons, friends, loved ones.


Made a yummy split pea soup that the boys really loved. I ate avacodos for lunch with sunflower seed pate and grains.

Drank a lot of kangen water as usual. Felt so much better today than I did yesterday.

Also, started taking Cod Liver Oil as a vitamin D supplement. One of the results of a blood test I did in October 2014 indicated that I was deficient in vitamin D. Some alternative cancer protocals use large doses of vitamin D, so it seems I can grow two plants from the same root here (my non-violent way of saying “kill two birds with one stone.”)


Did qigong walking all the way to the park (about 30 minutes) then did Aloha movements in the park. A friend sent me a video about Wim Hof (aka Iceman) who is able to withstand freezing temperatures and control his immune system with a breathing technique. The breathing technique is very similar to the rhythmic breathing in the qigong walk. I’m going to explore this since I’ve been sensing into a way to control my autonomic nervous system and immune system.

I think visualization is a way to control the immune system. Research has shown how visualizing an inexhaustible force breaking down the tumor has lead to tumors disappearing. I visualize my body as a waterfall with the mana (power) of the Universe coming through my crown chakra and cleaning/clearing my intestines/rectum.


The talk with my wife helped a lot. Had a great time with the boys today. Seeing Nimo and ServiceSpace folks always puts a smile on my face.

Had a great laugh with my roommate. I was telling him how the doctor who gave me a sigmoidoscopy doesn’t know me from Adam, so if I retested he might not be able to do much of a comparison. “Yeah, your just another asshole he has to see,” said Dave.


Nimo was telling a young Stanford senior about something he heard Jayeshbhai say at the Gandhi ashram: “Don’t live in fear. If you are walking down a dark path guided by the light of a torch, you will not be able to see the end of the path. But if you just take the next step and let the light of your torch guide you in this way, the path will illuminate itself. In order for clarity to naturally arise, you have to take that small step.”

This reminds me of what Michael Lerner said, “go only at the pace of guidance.”

In my walk with this dis-ease, i will not live in fear even if I can’t see the end of the path. I will take small steps only at the pace of guidance.

 Kūkae (BM)

Blood and sediment seems to be tapering. I did an 11.5 ph enema. Lots of blood there, but I was able to take in and hold quite a bit of water, maybe 10 oz. I tried an enema a few weeks ago and I couldn’t even take in 2 oz or hold it for any period of time. Four hours after the enema today, I had a small bit of sediment come out with very little blood.

I’m not sure how often I will do these. They do seem to help and the 11.5 ph water is more natural than mixing baking soda and vitamin C.

7 comments on “Aloha Healing 09/19/2015

  1. tw says:

    I have deep respect for your attitude and approach Kozo. Cancer is a disease we barely understand. It’s complexities are vast like the universe. “Conventional” treatments are harsh; cancer is harsh too. I would not be here now without my two devoted specialists and the treatments they provided. Complementary therapies – reiki, acupuncture,aromatherapy, reflexology, yoga, diet and exercise were all supported and encouraged in harmony with surgery, proven and newly emerging drugs.

    As someone who never even took headache pills the thought of “poisonous” drugs to treat cancer challenged the very core of my being. But there are people in my life who are more fragile than me, who seek love, support and strength from me and would face a world they find hard to manage completely alone if I had made an early exit. This dichotomy and my beliefs about medicine and healing – lead me to research conventional treatment in more depth. I discovered my assumptions about unnatural man-made poisons were incorrect. Many chemotherapeutic drugs are natural, deriving the healing elements of plants with the power to contain, minimise or reverse the process of cancer. Our forebears knew this and we didn’t pay enough attention to their stories! For generations this knowledge has been lost and now we are simply rediscovering chemotherapy from plants like the Pacific Yew, Happy Tree, Periwinkle and May Apple. They bring healing to cancerous cells in the same way aspirin (from Willow bark) has eased pain for over 2000 years.

    My thoughts on treatment shifted significantly when I realised this is ancient knowledge, plant-based medicine that had been forgotten until now. (And assumed, wrongly, to be unnatural). Perhaps my moment of illumination might also bring more light to your path. I wonder if perhaps it echos some of Uncle Paul’s wisdom too?

    Bernie Siegel’s book Love, Medicine and Miracles ( is also worth reading and his meditations for enhancing the immune system ( helped me avoid neutropenia and remain active even though my blood counts were very low.

    Whatever paths any of us chose, and whatever outcomes any of us achieve, having survived a very aggressive cancer I remain convinced that love, medicine, ancient knowledge and a commitment to heal from the inside out – mind, spirit and body – putting others needs above my own is why I am still here.

    I hope you find this helpful Kozo. I send you love, life and healing🎍

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      I hear you, Tracy. I do believe that natural cures do not exclude chemotherapeutic drugs. I also hear you about thinking about those who depend on us when choosing a treatment plan. I have a beautiful wife and two lovely kids that I have to consider.

      I am going to continue with these therapies for a month and retest to assess if they are working. If they are not working, then I will choose a new plan.

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom. As you know,sometimes dealing with this dis-ease can be a lonely and confusing process. Your clarity gives me comfort in so many ways.

      {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  2. I echo all of what tw says. And add that your wife is a very wise woman. Don’t forget that this is her journey too.
    Much love, Alison

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Hey Alison,
      Are you conspiring with my wife? Haha. Yes, she is wise. I have a lot of angels around me which gives me strength and courage to find alignment with the Divine.

      Thank you, my dear angelic friend,

  3. Indira says:

    I agree with tw and Alison. I pray peace and fast healing to you.

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