Aloha Cancer 9/07/2015

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Kàloa Kû Lua

Mâhoe Mua 7

Tomorrow I fly to Oahu for some healing and to give a workshop on September 12th. I called Hawaiian Airlines to request a vegetarian meal, and they said that they don’t offer vegetarian meals on North American flights.

The other day, I went to buy a belt at Target because I’m losing weight. I used to be a size 32 waist, but now I’m about a 30. Target had a ton of belts, but none of them were small. The smallest size they had was size 32.

Is it me, or is our country waging the “war on cancer” on the wrong battlefront? All this money goes into chemo, radiation, and surgery, but no one seems to pay attention to diet or obesity. It seems ludicrous that high fat, high protein diets are risk factors for cancer and heart disease, but we are not offered vegetarian meals on a 5 hour flight. Waist sizes are increasing along with a host of diseases associated with obesity, yet we don’t stop eating; we just buy bigger belts.


Made a pot of Indian healing food (khichdi) to bring on the flight tomorrow. Hope the TSA lets it past security. Otherwise, it is going to be a long day without food, since when I land, I still have to find a restaurant that caters to organic whole foods. Yesterday, the family and I ate at Judahlicious in San Francisco. Boys loved their “Exodus” rice bowl with veggies, kale, hemp seed, and vegan parmesan. Beryl chowed a “1/2 Nekked Burrito” and I gobbled up a raw “Dahnu Wrap” made with a housemade Raw Flax tortilla. raw food dish

This was after talking to my friend Moni, who is a raw, vegetarian chef. She said that helping me find a way to make food enjoyable again with my anti-cancer diet helped her remember why she became a chef in the first place. I’m so excited to find joy in eating again.


Did almost an hour of qigong walking today after morning prayers and movements. I’m really curious about the long term effects of this asymmetrical walking/breathing practice. I will write in detail the method on a future post.


I feel like I’m leaving for Hawaii tomorrow with all my relationships at peace. It is kind of like doing all the dishes before you go on a trip. You know that when you return, you don’t have any messes to clean up.


Really excited about leading a spirit/Aloha based workshop on Oahu this week. Not sure who will show up, but I am sure my soul will be there.


Seems like I went to the potty 12 times today. Not always bloody, but over the course of the day, quite a bit of blood. Had to sit down on a walk and take a nap around 12:30 PM. Getting hit with low energy right in the middle of the day. It could have also been that yesterday was a non-stop day with exercises, driving, surfing, playing, and cooking.


11 comments on “Aloha Cancer 9/07/2015

  1. It’s okay to need a nap. That may have nothing to do with your dis-ease, but everything to do with you learning to relax. At least that’s how it is for me. It’s always a bonus for me when I’m relaxed enough to actually be able to nap. Perhaps reframing it this way would be helpful. Maybe it would be possible to reframe other small indicators of the illness in a different more positive way so they are not about illness but simply about the body’s needs in the moment – the way you reframed the bleeding as being toxins leaving the body – that’s *exactly* the kind of thing I mean.
    Have a wonderful trip to Hawaii. May it be all you could wish for.
    Love and hugs, Alison

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Thanks, Alison, for the reframe. I love that. I need to see the bigger picture rather than focus on the dis-ease all the time. So many other processes happening simultaneously. This helps me be patient and non-judgmental, so thank you, thank you, thank you, {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  2. ashualec says:

    True, the west is not recognizing the risks still. Veg food is not available in Europe. One has to go mad in search , specially in Eastern European countries.

    Good you are eating ‘Khichdi’. Enjoy the trip


  3. Daydreams says:

    You’ve inspired me to change for the second time in my life, Kozo.

    The first was around Thanksgiving, forgiving someone that had caused me grief.

    Now, I’m thinking about eliminating a lot of foods as well. Who knows – it may even help fight depression. *hugs*

  4. tw says:

    Hard to believe that the airline can’t manage a vegetarian food option, there are millions of vegetarians in the world including all my Sikh friends so this seems to be a little discriminatory too! I hope your trip is very restful and healing, may love and faith wrap their arms around you and keep you safe xoxox

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Thanks, Tracy. I still need to respond to that loving, informative email you sent me. Your experience gives me so much hope and guidance. I agree that we are here for a reason, especially as parents. So grateful for your presence in this journey. {{{hugs}}} kozo

  5. rarasaur says:

    Joy in all things will help make the “medicine” go down. 🙂
    I love you.

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