Everyday Thanksgiving: February 2014

I continue to find joy and happiness in this daily gratitude practice. This is my monthly download.

February 2014

Thank you for Jett yelling, “I wanna meditate” when I said he had to meditate if he wanted to go to the hobby store; sleeping with both boys in a twin bed on a cold night; empathy buddies; Tibetan mandalas; all the everyday gurus I’m surrounded by.

Jett MeditatingThank you for bubbles and balloons for making kids smile; no commercials on netflix; all the interesting people in the mall at 11 AM; Fox kung fuing bubbles; rain during a drought.

Thank you for Rancho San Antonio; radio controlled airplanes; hobby stores; hilly trails; all the Bloggers for Peace in year two.

Thank you for Fox knowing what nunchucks are at 3 years old; green tea with honey; the gift of challenges to help us grow; artistic friends; Dianne Gray back on WordPress.

Thank you for unleashing my hips through dance; somatic healing; self-awareness leading to self-belief; dancing to pop music and not caring how uncool that is; all the love Fox got at his 4th birthday party.

Thank you for Peter Levine; healing trauma; back to back counseling; men’s groups; hijiki cabbage wraps.

Thank you for Osho’s Mystic Rose meditation; healing deep wounds; reconnecting with my ability to cry; completing grieving; a safe space to heal.

Thank you for rain; snow in Tahoe; rain boots; recognizing my distress recording to my son’s crying; understanding the healing nature of crying.

Thank you for Adya’s study course on redemptive love; Dr. Xie’s talk on Authentic Success; Meg’s strength to push me through trauma; snakes; child-like curiosity.

Thank you for Dusty’s suggestion to write out my life story from other people’s perspective; Fox wanting to start Kung fu; doing homework in the park; a sunny day after a week of rain; seeing drama for what it is–none of my business.

Fox with bikeThank you for the Hello Kitty helmet Fox wore at the moto-x park; recognizing that everyone is my guru; Russell’s wise assessment of my life; watching my sons play baseball; free home phone service with obitalk.

Thank you for Jett riding without training wheels; our friends flexibility and forgiveness when our cabin reservations fell through; the woman who cleaned up the glass of the bottle Jett broke; Adyashanti’s Online Study Course “Redemptive Love: The Healing Power of Descending Grace”; recognizing eternity.

Thank you for seeing the connection between we are all connected and self-compassion; seeing cancer as a lack of self-love/self-compassion; recognizing my mother’s emotional detachment as a catalyst for my awakening; the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion, the 1000 hits I got on Richard Rohr’s interview.

Thank you for the Lojong saying “transform all mishaps into the Path”; Russell Bradley’s reading; finding eternity in the present moment; a loving dinner with my brother’s family; children’s love of ladybugs.

Thank you for clarity on the meaning of my life; seeing a Path devoid of win/lose, better/less, and duality; confirmation that I am on the right Path; Richard Rohr’s ripples of peace and tranquility; a heartfelt talk with a high school friend.

Thank you for sunny days in the snow; gortex; snow saucers and a steep hill; the awakening of our true selves in the presence of children; screaming, giggling bunches of friends flying down a snowy slope.

Thank you for Circus Circus; 1$ Arcade Games; Cheesy cheap stuffed animals that make kids smile; not needing to gamble anymore; king-sized hotel beds with the whole family.

Thank you for Vietnamese food in Reno; unnecessary shuttle rides that put kids in awe; warm sun with icy cold air; sleeping in until 9 AM; text messaging to coordinate rendezvous.

Thank you for catching up on Rarasaur posts; playing pickup basketball again; city planners for making parks available to all for free; my sons playing with original legos and using their imagination; Jett’s chattiness before going to sleep.

Thank you for the amazing synchronicity with the Adya study group; Shari’s hook meditation; Rick Hanson’s timely reminder of patience; Sandy telling me about Enneagram; Fox playing playdoh all by himself.

Thank you for releasing money; enjoying the ride of life through the rear view mirror; Fox’s gentle kisses; talking about awakenings with Laura; Judith Blackstone.


12 comments on “Everyday Thanksgiving: February 2014

  1. diannegray says:

    Wow, Kozo. I just love this post. So much to be thankful for. I would love to have seen Fox kung fuing bubbles! The images these words put in my mind are amazing 😀

    And thank you for your gratitude that I am back – you make it all worthwhile 😀


    • Kozo Hattori says:

      It was a sight to see, Dianne. Fox has never taken Kung Fu, but has watched his brother’s classes and seen The Grandmaster, so he knows the moves in his imagination, but not in his body. Pair that with bubbles on a rainy day, and you have enough entertainment for a lifetime.
      I was just reading some old posts and feeling grateful for friends like you that have been here for a long time now. I also noticed some friends who stopped blogging, so I am doubly grateful for your return. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

      • diannegray says:

        I got a shock the other day when I went looking for a blog of one of my favourite bloggers last year. I did some searching only to find she had stopped blogging because she had died. It made me very sad. It’s amazing how we ‘love’ people we’ve never met because we spend time getting to know them here. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you {{{hugs}}}

  2. Wow. You have a lot to be thankful for. And you give me some ideas for me to be thankful for in the future. I need to check out Adyashanti’s Online Study Course “Redemptive Love: The Healing Power of Descending Grace and Mystic Rose meditation. Thank you for sharing!

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Just got to talk to Adyashanti tonight, AA. Redemptive love is a life changer. Here is a taste: What if you were incarnated in this existence to be redemptive love that would heal all the hurt in this life? That thought makes life worth living if you ask me.
      And the mystic rose meditation is powerful, although I’ve only done a 60 minute version–not the 3 week version. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

      • A 3 week meditation must be intense. I’m not prepared for anything like that. Even an hour is tough for me. But I’ll give it a try.

        Keep up the good work! XOXO

  3. ladyruby07 says:

    I love your blog, especially when you write stuff like this. That’s why I nominated you for a Liebester award!


  4. understanding + peace sprinkled with humanity = gratitude

  5. 1EarthUnited says:

    Thankful for reading amazing blogs like yours! Such richness Kozo, thank you for giving so much to us. Sending love back your way♥

  6. Another good article on your website, keep up good work!

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