Richard Rohr: The Compassion Interviews

The Compassion Interviews is a project of mine at I am trying to interview the most compassionate people I can find to supplement the lack of compassionate role models in the media. With 10 interviews completed, I have to say that this project has changed my life. I’m realizing that compassion is the key to not only happiness, but also success and peace.

Father Richard Rohr is a Franciscan friar and blogger for the Huffington Post. Author of over 30 books including Falling Upward and From Wild Man to Wise Man, Father Rohr has spoken around the world about Christian contemplative practices, male spirituality, radical compassion, and silence. He is founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
In this interview we discuss:

  • How we cannot just wish to be compassionate
  • How to enjoy life by experiencing it at depth
  • How technology can be an instrument for our liberation
  • Why now more than ever wise elders are needed
  • How powerlessness leads to real power
  • The six big issues that the dualistic mind cannot process or deal with—love, death, suffering, infinity, God, and sex
  • How Scripture supports Christ as a meditator

31 comments on “Richard Rohr: The Compassion Interviews

  1. I’m saving this to listen to later. I followed your suggestion, when it was reinforced by another person recommending it the same day, and read Falling Upwards. Loved it. He obviously gets it! Looking forward to listening to what he has to say even though I hold some pretty big judgements about the Catholic Church and the things that have been perpetrated in its name. But he’s one of the really good guys. A true mystic. I don’t care what colour his robe is.
    (((((hugs))))) Alison

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Falling Upward is a perfect roadmap for my life, Alison. Yes, RR is catholic, but he is a very conscious Catholic. haha. Like he says, he is on the margins of the center which allows him to critique the status quo in the same way that St. Francis did. I’m looking forward to what you think about the interview. {{{Hugs}} kozo

  2. seeker says:

    RR, The Naked Truth. He’s awesome. I subscribe to his daily meditation. Cheers, Kozo.

  3. I just want to say thank you Kozo for posting this- I live in Albuquerque, and have met Father Rohr, and he is AWESOME! He really gets the mind and I am always so inspired by what he is doing in this world. Big Love! Jess

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      I’m so jealous, Jess. If I lived in Albuquerque, Father Rohr might have a restraining order on me because I would be hounding him everyday for more guidance. I completely agree that he totally gets the mind. I would add that he gets the heart as well. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  4. BroadBlogs says:

    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Thanks, Georgia. I’m going to be giving a talk on Raising Compassionate Boys in March. I’ll send you a flyer. Hopefully, you can come or send some students for extra credit. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  5. Anthony says:

    Richard is awesome….

    I have been following him for 10 years now … And like fine wine he keeps getting better with age….

    For the guys checkout MROP
    Male Rites of Passage it was Richard
    that started this life changing experience

    If you are on Facebook check out the 7 Life Lessons inspired by Richard:))

  6. Lead Our Lives says:

    Wonderful! I loved his book – From Wild Man to Wise Man. Powerful.

  7. diannegray says:

    This is wonderful, Kozo – I have never heard of him before so thank you for introducing him to me! 😉

  8. Thank you for introducing him, I’ve now gone through some of his work and I find he’s a really inspiring man! I’m glad the world has gotten the chance to meet a few of the real Christians out there, instead of all of the more famous pseudo christians ruining our image.

  9. A great interview with some interesting well thought out questions. I have been following Richard for close to three years now and love his wisdom and insight. He speaks with such humility and yet with such penetrating truth. Thanks for sharing!

  10. My friend, you are a true “Joy Giver” !!!! Love this!!

  11. Fr. Richard Rohr is an inspiration! My mother got me hooked on his daily reflections years ago & she finally got to attend a workshop in NM last spring. She stills talks about the experience. Fr. John Dear is another priest who lives in NM & works for social justice & nonviolence. Reading & reflecting on the books & writings of both of these men of faith & integrity has set my mind & heart on fire! So glad you got to do this interview!

  12. Joyce says:

    Kozo, Richard has been in my life since I was 19, for forty years this voice of the Father has strengthen and inspired my heart and mind. Thank you for spreading his voice, thank you for your voice.
    Joyce Bonomini

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      I’m trying not to get jealous., but I can’t help feeling a little envy of you spending 40 years with Father Richard. I am late to the party, but am having an amazing time in his presence.
      I have an article coming out about Compassionate Men that highlights Father Richard, that I hope will continue to spread his voice far and wide. {{{hugs}}} kozo

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