Monthly Peace Challenge: We Are Family

bannerTo help inspire the Bloggers for Peace (B4Peace), we will have a Monthly Peace Challenge. To participate, tag your post with B4Peace and make sure you copy your URL to the Linkz collection. Anyone who completes all twelve Monthly Peace Challenges in 2014 will receive a Free B4Peace T-shirt. Yes, I’ve decided to offer the second annual Bloggers for Peace T-shirt as a prize. I envision a day when we will all gather for a Bloggers for Peace Conference donning our various Bloggers for Peace T-shirts.

We’ve been blogging for peace for over a year, so I’m going to push you with this challenge. This month, I want you to focus on your family. Is there anyone you don’t fully embrace in your family? Do you feel resentment, shame, or anger towards someone blood-related?

Yep, I went there. Let’s deal with it. This months challenge is to make peace in yourself with someone close to you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Write a letter to someone that begins “I resent…” Explain exactly how you feel about this resentment in this letter. Let your anger out if you have any. Release all the negative energy surrounding this person. Sending the letter or reading the letter out loud to the person is optional.
  • Write a letter confessing all the secrets you have been withholding from someone close. Check out a book called Radical Honesty for examples. You might also want to listen to some Byron Katie CDs to find the courage to do this “work.”
  • Write a love letter to someone in your family who you can’t seem to connect with. Tell them all the wonderful things that they have brought into your life. What events do you remember that you enjoyed with them?
  • Describe an event from more than one perspective where someone caused you misery.
  • Tell a story about a family event that included “necessary suffering” and healing/forgiveness.

Don’t forget to link to at least one other B4Peace post and add your post to the Linkz collection. Here is how:

  • Copy your URL to the Linkz collection. You’ll find the link below. It’s the drunk blue frog smiling for peace. Click on it and follow directions.
  • Go visit this site to read and comment on other posts related to this Monthly Peace Challenge.

Last Chance for 2013 Bloggers for Peace T-shirt

Everyone who completed all the 2013 Monthly Peace Challenges make sure you email me your shirt size, blog name, and address to by February 15, 2014. I want to place the order for t-shirts. Once I place the order, you cannot receive your free t-shirt if you did not email me. Thank you.


31 comments on “Monthly Peace Challenge: We Are Family

  1. Very good challenge! {{hug}}

  2. lauriesnotes says:

    Have to let this one settle a bit. 🙂

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      I hear you, Laurie. It is a tough challenge. I’m struggling as well. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

      • lauriesnotes says:

        I lik the idea of writing to someone I can’t quite connect with. My mother-in-law would be good. Not exactly sure how.maybe through poetry or art..maybe. Thanks for the note. I have started writing a little book since doing the mentoring series with Christina. And my teacher administeator husband is also studying mindfulness. Not sure how all thst happened. 🙂 Good stuff happening though. Hugs-

  3. diannegray says:

    Great challenge, Kozo and I’m looking forward to reading the responses 😀

    {{hugs}} xxx

  4. I am J says:

    This is a great challenge for those who are comfortable being so transparent on the Internet. Since I have family reading my blog, I’m not sure this is the proper platform for my particular situation. I do wish everyone else well with this challenge. I will still do a blog for peace this month…though not as part of this particular challenge. 🙂

  5. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    Writing is one of my best meditations. Somehow, when you put it on paper, the pieces all start to come together for peace.

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  7. electronicbaglady says:

    ooh scary! Not sure I would want them to find it and read it! Still, will do my duty to the B4Peace Movement…eventually

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  9. sarahneeve says:

    Thanks, Kozo for this opportunity. It will be a hard letter to write, but I will do it for B4Peace.

  10. Did you get my email? I shall email you again, if you did not. : )!!!

  11. vernette says:

    Struggling with this one Kozo. But I’m giving it my best shot.

  12. Kelly Kuhn says:

    I’ve thought and thought about this challenge, and have realized that it’s one I’ll have to sit out. Fortunately, I’ve worked through all familial resentments (I’m aware of!!!), save one – and that’s based on molestation of numerous family members I heard about less than a year ago. Although I believe honesty is necessary for healing, it isn’t my story to tell or healing to manage. I debated writing about my feelings toward the uncle, but couldn’t find a way to do that without possibly causing harm.

    It was good processing, so thanks for your challenge. See you next month!

  13. ulawyss says:

    I’ve been thinking about this challenge for the past weeks and I am happy to say that I have no family issues and no one I do not get along with. So it doesn’t apply to me and wouldn’t know what to write..

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      What a wonderful gift to not have any family issues. I’m so jealous. haha.
      What about making family include the entire world? What about a story of how you resolved any family disagreements in the past? Let me know if you need more suggestions to complete the challenge. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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  15. D. S. Walker says:

    I almost skipped this one, but today I think I finally figured out a way to take the challenge without offending anyone in my ohana.

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  20. Indira says:

    Hi Kozo, I want to participate in your challenges but I don’t know how to write, it is very difficult for me. Posting photographs is easy. I think at my age one comes to be with peace with everything and everyone having accepted people and situations as they are. I love reading your posts.

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