Monthly Peace Challenge: Love Thy Enemy


We only have two challenges left this years, so I’m going to ramp it up.

To help inspire the Bloggers for Peace (B4Peace), we will have a Monthly Peace Challenge. To participate, tag your post with B4Peace and make sure you copy your URL to the Linkz collection. Anyone who completes all twelve Monthly Peace Challenges will receive a Free B4Peace T-shirt.

Hurt people hurt people

This might be the toughest Peace Challenge for many of you, but I want to take us out of our comfort zones for true peace. This month, I want you to open your arms to your enemies. Think of a person, a place, a nation, a culture, a religion, a gender, or an ideology that you view as a enemy.

healed people

  • Write a letter to this enemy explaining how you want to make peace. How you want to let bygones be bygones, and start from this moment forward on a new path of peace and understanding.
  • Write a letter from the perspective of your enemy explaining how they feel about the conflict or disconnect. Why are they hurting? How have they been hurt? What makes them want to hurt you?
  • Write a story in which the main character is your enemy. What would they do in the story? Can you make this a story with a happy ending?
  • Construct a dialogue between you and your enemy. Try to express to each other how you feel and what you really want. Can this dialogue remain respectful and open-minded?
  • Post a photo, piece of art, or collage that offers a vision of peace between you and your enemy.
  • Write or sing a love story about two lovers from different sides of your conflict. Can they love each other in spite of their differences? What can we learn from these lovers? Will your story be a comedy or a tragedy?
  • Post a quotation or a group of quotations that relate to loving one’s enemies.
  • As objectively as possible, tell the story of how you became enemies. The goal here is to understand rather than blame. This prompt is for experienced peacemakers.

I know this is a very difficult challenge. I honor your intention to do whatever you can to meet this challenge. Maybe you can just post of photo or a quotation. Please know that I am here to support you in any way possible. {{{hugs}}} kozo

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54 comments on “Monthly Peace Challenge: Love Thy Enemy

  1. This is definitely a hard one, Kozo. I’m sure I will shed some tears (I’ve been doing a lot of that lately) but, I’m certainly up for the challenge. *hugs*

    • rarasaur says:

      I tried this tonight, but couldn’t get through the post without crying. Next week. Next week, I’ll get through it. I think it’s a great idea– and hopefully it heals many people, including myself. *hugs*

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Thank you for your willingness to push to the edge, J. I knew this was going to be a tough challenge, but then I thought about the word “challenge.” 🙂 I believe we really need to challenge ourselves to find real peace. It is not easy. It can seem like work, but the results are worth it. Just my opinion. {{{tender hugs}}} kozo

      • That’s so true, Kozo. I’ve changed because of that push before. So, I’m glad you’re helping us just go that extra mile. I think we’ll all be better for it in the long run. *warm hugs*

  2. Rohan 7 Things says:

    I didn’t have time to do last month’s peace challenge sadly, but I definitely intend to do this one, I have just the thing in mind 🙂

    Thanks for the prompt, this is a good one!!



    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Thanks, Rohan. Last month was a whirlwind for me as well. I feel like I did so much, but I left so much undone. I can’t wait to read your posting, my friend. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  3. ~meredith says:

    This is a win/ win challenge… how cool. I felt my chest tighten as I read, knowing this is exactly what I have to do in the wake of my mother’s death.

    Thank you for creating such a powerful challenge, Kozo. Even if this turns out to be something that’s not meant to be posted… Thank you so much.

    You rock!


    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Yes, Meredith. Like I told Rara, the intention is key, even if you don’t post. Thank you so much for taking on the challenge with sincerity and an open heart. “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Oh Meredith, I had the same reaction!
      Do like the Rumi quote below Kozo’s given us, tho.

      • ~meredith says:

        you know, I have such a hard time understanding directions, at times, and this is one of those times. I had to go back to this post and re-read the challenge before recognizing how little I understand all the elements I needed to put together… I think I need a tutor.

      • Shanti Baku says:

        Not just you Meredith, it’s taking me ages because I mis-read the challenge and went off in completely the wrong direction. I guess the challenge touched nerves which caused a short circuit?
        * Anyway Kozo’s to blame here ;~)

      • Kozo Hattori says:

        Haha, I need to be more clear. Here is a summary–“Love Thy Enemy.” {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

      • Shanti Baku says:

        Yeah that does it! But no, my bad; misconceptions obscuring my view. It was a good challenge anyway.

  4. Hi Kozo, this is another peace challenge for me in every sense of the meaning. In the name of peace I will put down my anger and do this! Thank you for being a beautiful and positive guiding force.

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Putting down anger. I love it, M. You just sent a wave of peace with that intention. Thank you so much. I really feel like we are making a change here, in ourselves and in our world. So refreshing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  5. lauriesnotes says:

    Wow. This is good. And good timing as I have been running in to a person from my past and it has been difficult.

  6. D. S. Walker says:

    This is definitely the hardest challenge you have given us. Just thinking about it zapped my energy yesterday. Unfortunately, October always opens old wounds since it is bully prevention awareness month. Then, I learned that a family member is sending his son to M’s former school and the son is in the same first grade class where M’s problems began. I also learned that many think we are the reason the school is finally addressing bullying. We aren’t. A law suit by another family is the real reason. I included our story in a recent presention at the DOE, and all of this has made me realize I am still having problems with forgiveness.

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Thank you for all you are doing, Sue. My son experienced a tiny bit of bullying at his school, but I could see how it affected him. All I can say is that we need to practice what we preach. At first, I wanted to teach my son how to fight back with words and fists, but then I realized that this was not compassion. I’m still working on a proper response, but I know that compassion will be central. Thank you for taking the challenge seriously. {{{Hugs}}} kozo

      • D. S. Walker says:

        You know I believe in my heart that compassion is always the right way to go, but it can be hard when your child is the one deeply wounded by others. I did a better job with this in a prior post I wrote for Special-Ism: Still I struggle with this one. That is why my post this month does not completely meet the challenge although I do continue to try. I hope I will get there eventually.

        Hugs to you and your son and best wishes with getting things resolved.

  7. Thank you so much love it

  8. goldfish says:

    Damn you, Kozo. Why you gotta make this so hard? Can’t we just write a poem about flowers or something? 😉

  9. […] When this month’s Peace Challenge was first announced, a few of us froze a bit. After all, it is a difficult task to forgive, let alone “love thy enemy”. I had two sets of enemies in mind, but neither one I am quite ready to love. One raped me, and the other destroyed something I worked hard to build. Then, the solution hit me like a speeding train. […]

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  11. 1EarthUnited says:

    No self = enemies? Some would argue that we’re our own worst enemy. Could we perceive “enemy” if there is no “self”. Jesus teaches, “Love thy enemy, and love thy neighbor as thyself”
    That’s unity consciousness, oneness, no separation in “reality”. When we perceive things/ ideas with our minds, we tend to fracture/ compartmentalize/ conceptualize life in our 3D world. It is this – separate from self – “identity” that create “enemy”. To simplify: enemy is born from the “self”.
    No self/ no mind = peace. If mind doesn’t make anything, then everything is just as it is.
    Practice, practice, practice. ♥☼♥ Peace within Kozosan

  12. OMG Kozo! your challenges are never that easy! I can see this one will really sting :s

    So I have request for you ;~) You know that T-shirt we’re getting for our hard work, is there a choice of designs? I favour the ‘Withdraw your claws! Paws for Peace! Peace Cat’ image featured awhile ago; or the green and purple two fingers with the ☮ signs behind it on a blue background (up there on the right).
    I’d be happy to donate something, BTW; B4 Peace is a totally brilliant cause, after all 🙂

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      I’m leaning towards the Peace Cat as well, Jas. I haven’t made a final decision yet, so your vote is influential. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

      • Jas Baku says:

        Way cool =^•֢•^=
        It was a cheeky request, so thanks for taking it. Your challenges tend to be growing experiences, and are popular with bloggers and their readers. So really a T-shirt is like something to wear on the path to a more peaceful world. I now have an image of us all doing a marathon dressed in these T-shirts…

  13. […] years ago, but KM’s comment popped into my mind as I contemplated the Bloggers for Peace Monthly Peace Challenge: Love Thy Enemy.  I dismissed the thought of writing about her because she is most definitely not my enemy. […]

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  16. […] This month Kozo is challenging us to love our enemy for the monthly peace challenge. This post is not my response to this, but I do think the wreath in the photo below clearly shows love and respect for a former enemy. […]

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  22. Shanti Baku says:

    Hello Kozo, Cosmic Loti has been having teething troubles. So this beautiful post from Meredith is my offering this last month. Thanks 🙂

  23. […] P.S. Please check out other entries for this Month’s Peace Challenge: […]

  24. Kozo,
    Just thought I’d share my belated post for the November challenge, Retroactively Loving My Enemy: Belated Peace Challenge for November 2013,

    Thannk you for hosting Bloggers for Peace 2013, it has enriched my life and my journey considerably.


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