Digital Dose of Vitamin C

I’m starting a new practice called Daily Vitamin C using Instagram.

I want to post regularly a dose of humanity that will help bring peace and compassion to our world. If you want your daily dose of humanity, follow me on Instagram. If not, you can always see the newest Instagram in the right hand menu bar.

May you be free from suffering. May you find peace and joy.

Thank you for reading, smiling, and or sharing.

Are you on Instagram? Post your Instagram name in comments, so I can follow you.


28 comments on “Digital Dose of Vitamin C

  1. My Instagram Name is PadreTatro

  2. NIKOtheOrb says:

    Unfortunately, I am not on Instagram, as I would love to see these digital doses of Vitamin C. I will be looking at your blog each day to see the newest picture. The first is definitely worth a thousand smiles. 🙂 Great idea, Kozo!


  3. Lead Our Lives says:

    I was on Instagram…decided not to stay. Their policy state they own your pictures. Not mine. I’m sure its a generational thing (mine not theirs). I’ll check the blog as I enjoy your writing and will surely enjoy happy pictures!

  4. I’m not on instagram but, I shall be getting my dose of Vitamin C on your WordPress, for sure!!!! Thank you :)!!!

  5. Feeling my levels of vitamin C rise up already Kozo 🙂 Thank you ao much for this ray of sunshine. Hugs enjoy your week-end (Not on instagram :/)

  6. PhotoGrrl Pictures says:

    I’m photogrrlpics on instagram.

  7. This is adorable, Kozo. Mine is: vale_of_tears
    See you there!

  8. jrosenberry1 says:

    hi there — I’m at jrosenberry1.
    Will look forward to your posts on Instagram!

  9. Athena Brady says:

    Hi Kozo, what a great thing to do, love the picture of your son he looks so happy.

  10. I love taking shots of kids! Their beautiful souls always shine through!!! xoxox

  11. Geo Sans says:

    I don’t have instagram
    but I do
    a personal practise
    every day
    small moments
    of beauty
    of gratitude

  12. He is such a bright light! What’s his name? Thanks, Kozo! (Oh, no, I’m not on Instagram, I’ll have to check them out here! cheers – tomas ☼

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