On the Road to Healing

I’m guestblogging today at Black Box Warnings—“a collective of bloggers who share their personal stories about mental and physical health, parenting, daily tribulations, and life’s little moments. An on-line community built around support, respect, and compassion.”

screen shot of black box warnings

Check out the post “Why Most Men Hate Depression, Especially in Others” by clicking here.

May you be free from suffering. May you find Peace and Joy.

{{{Hugs}}} Kozo


5 comments on “On the Road to Healing

  1. Left you a comment over there. That post is one of your best. 😉

  2. Very cool, will go and check them out!

  3. BroadBlogs says:

    Your story is very touching and important to read. I hope that many people will read it.

  4. rupacoach says:

    Wonderful to have a collection of wonderful inspiring blog posts to read at one place!

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