Everyday Thanksgiving: June

I couldn’t agree more with Brene Brown about the importance of an active gratitude practice. This little list has become one of the most important parts of my life. Nothing seems to matter when I can find a few things to be grateful for everyday.

June 2013

Thank you for the frustration I felt to remind me that real peace lies within; my wife reminding me that I am “doing too much”; meditation being “the perfect marriage between doing and being”; the fun filled day of swimming, tennis, baseball, water fights, and scootering I had once I stopped worrying about money; my sons’ faith that I can accomplish my goals.

Thank you for the soulful hug from Amma; reminders to diminish ego; idlii with chutney; fluorescent dragon flies; road trips in our mini-van.

Thank you for “sometimes lucky and loved are the same exact thing“; “bohemian abundance“; free kid’s meals at Ikea;  mid-day visits with my wife at her work; rejection to keep my ego in check.

Thank you for self-compassion; perseverance when I make mistakes; 6 year olds to test our patience;  both my sons napping at the same time; the ability to juggle so many balls in my life.

Thank you for loving kindness meditation; water parks; my 3 year old’s plumber butt due to over-sized bathing suit; cool shady grass; early bedtimes due to a full day of play.

Thank you for dim sum with my wife; being asked to guest blog by Le Clown; storytelling; my older son wanting to take showers; Brene Brown.

Thank you for Mamma and Me Day with Fox; balloon art; making up riddles for my sons to enjoy; my wife’s understanding of my older son; realizing how Patriarchy robs men of love.

Thank you for photos of my kids sent by a thoughtful parent; skype; working with the incredible Rarasaur on the new website; so many ideas that I can’t write them down fast enough; my sons loving their schools.

Thank you for one dollar movies with my son; cabbage soup to purify the body; my 3 year old not peeing his pants for 48 hours; The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama; releasing jealousy on my way to realize that we are all one.

Thank you for my wife’s support and patience; my 3 year old’s safety after falling into the pool unnoticed; salt water swimming pools; more time playing with my kids and less time in front of the television on Father’s Day; Garageband.IMG_3286

Thank you for Greater Good Science Center in Berkeley; Insight Mediation Center in Redwood City; Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin; Northern California; more work than I can shake a stick at.

Thank you for the color orange; the amazing phone call I had with Sita Lozoff; The Dhamma Brothers documentary; We Are All Doing Time; productivity.

Thank you for heart-focused qigong; hugs, smiles, and laughter for the heart; free mini-vacations by just smiling; peace in the eye of the storm; The Outlier Collective.

Thank you for my wife’s calmness and understanding; Boomerang Bay at Great America; the beginning of a week full of surprises; water parks; my son’s wonderful friends and their generous parents.

Thank you for Rarasaur’s self-less service and web design; roasted vegetables with olive oil; career opportunities; buzz cuts; being blessed to hold my wife’s heart.

Thank you for the wonderful image coaching I got from my incredible wife; so much helpful feedback from blogging friends; a career that makes my life better in ways more important than financial; summer rains; a day full of peace.

Thank you for Greater Good publishing my article; all the support from my blogging friends; my wife’s faith in me; long thoughtful comments; the wonderful editing by Jeremy A. Smith.

Thank you for baby steps; Alison’s reminder that change is certain, so listen, say ‘yes’, and let go; early bedtime for the boys; positive feedback on Greater Good article; remembering to spread light even on trolls.

Thank you for quick fevers; Wayne Dyer; understanding the role of relationships in bringing out best that we can be; Bladerunner; pursuing my passion without worrying about the outcome.

Thank you for the natural coolness of our house; my older brother; golfing with my cousins from Hawaii; constructive criticism; detaching from outcomes.


27 comments on “Everyday Thanksgiving: June

  1. Thank you for sharing your gratitude list – inspirational 🙂

  2. This was a really awesome read.

  3. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Great gratitude post as always Kozo, it’s amazing how much there is to be appreciative of when we actually take a moment to look 🙂

    Thanks fr sharing, have fun! Hugs!


  4. Sunshine says:

    beautiful collection of a grateful heart spreading his love and light for all to see.
    thank you -again and again- Kozo
    from bohemian abundance…plumber butt ☺ …spread light on trolls ha-ha…to the natural coolness in your home, thank you. ♥

  5. Lead Our Lives says:

    Very nice! May I offer this? Constructive criticism is still criticism. How about lovingly supportive observations? Removes the negativity and opens to receiving love and assistance. 😉

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      My wife said the same thing, Carrie. She said that I should say “feedback,” but I love your phrase “lovingly supportive observations.” I’m beginning to realize how important the small things are. {{{hugs}}} kozo

  6. diannegray says:

    Another wonderful gratitude post, Kozo 😀 I love reading these 😀

  7. Love this Brene! And I love that you post your gratitude list each month. I make it but don’t make it public and it is so important especially in realizing true Joy!!!

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Brene is amazing, isn’t she? I think publishing the list is part of my vulnerability practice. Would love to read your list sometime. {{{hugs]}} kozo

  8. rarasaur says:

    My favorites, the gratitude downloads! 😀 I love the inclusion of the color orange, it IS pretty amazing. 🙂

    • Kozo Hattori says:

      Ha, Rara, my orange would look great with your green. I had a vision one day after getting off the phone with a very selfless soul. Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful orange–traffic cones, taillights, backpacks, flowers, outfits. It was amazing. I have no idea what it meant. I was also singing George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord.” What a wonderful life. {{{hugs}}} kozo

  9. Eileen says:

    One of the perks of old age is being able to walk through someone else’s experiences and share the joy. I had a lovely time walking with you through your days’ delights. Thanks for the joy. Tell the boys “Hugs from Nanu.” (And you and your wife too!)

  10. BroadBlogs says:

    Thank you for reminding us to be grateful. And particularly, for reminding us to be grateful for the difficult things that help us to grow.

  11. Your thankful lists always lift the spirits. 😀

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  13. Geo Sans says:

    such an amazing
    “foreboding joy”
    so grateful for
    brene brown’s perspective
    your list
    making my face hurt
    from smiling
    so hard

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